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What Does Invalid Sim Mean on iPhone and Android?

If your phone is not receiving a SIM card connection, there might be an invalid SIM error. This is a fairly common situation that can happen for a number of causes.

So, what does invalid sim mean? In this post, we will look at the causes of the ‘Invalid SIM’ error and how to resolve it.

Why My Phone Is Showing ‘Invalid Sim’?

The ‘Invalid SIM’ error is a typical problem in smartphones. Your phone will show ‘no sim card installed’ when your mobile phone is unable to connect to the SIM card. There are many causes behind your phone to show the SIM card is “invalid” or cannot be identified. They can be –

  1. If the SIM card is physically damaged, this error can appear. Scratched, twisted, or otherwise damaged SIM will cause issues.
  2. Because of mobile network issues “Invalid SIM” warning can happen. Check to see if others in your region are having similar problems.
  3. If the SIM card is not correctly inserted, your phone may be unable to read it. Thus, the error may appear.
  4. System flaws or software issues on your phone might potentially cause this message.
  5. SIM cards have an expiration date, and if yours has passed, this error may occur. It will also not operate if the SIM card has been disabled for an extended period of time.

What Does Invalid Sim Mean on iPhone?

iPhones are famous for their strong cellular coverage. However, there may be situations when you are unable to connect. This includes issues such as your iPhone not recognizing the SIM card and continuously displaying “SIM Not Valid” or “No SIM Card Installed.”

Generally, software flaws are to blame. However, there may be more factors. iPhone, for example, can sometimes be carrier-locked. It means they can only be used with SIM cards from a specific carrier.

When you insert a SIM card from another carrier, you may get an error stating “Invalid SIM.” There may also be temporary network issues with your carrier, such as outages or maintenance. So, it is possible that the SIM card may not be able to identify.

How To Fix Invalid Sim iPhone Error?

iPhone SIM failure is not a cause for concern. There are some simple fixes to this problem –

1. Reinsert the SIM Card:

First, try the old-fashioned hack. Using the ejector tool included in the box, remove the SIM tray and SIM card. Examine it for any damage or dust before carefully reinserting it. 

2. Restart the phone:

A quick restart can frequently cure temporary issues. Turn off your iPhone, and then wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

3. Reset Network Connection:

Another option is to reset your network settings. This may cancel out several issues caused by incorrect network settings. This will clear your phone’s network settings and restore them to their default condition.

Remember your Wi-Fi password since this will also wipe out any previously saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections. To reset the network settings, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. You must enter the iPhone passcode to confirm the reset.

4. Turn Airplane mode ON and OFF:

If restarting and resetting the iPhone does not resolve the issue, you might look into other minor issues such as cellular or wireless network connectivity.  

You should switch the aircraft mode on and off. On the iPhone, go to Settings. Select Airplane Mode and turn on the Airplane Mode. Then restart your iPhone and turn off Airplane Mode.

5. Update IOS software:

If it is not due to network or SIM card issues, it might be due to software issues. As Apple is continuously resolving issues, updating the IOS version may fix this issue.

To upgrade your iPhone, go to the Settings section, press the General Button, and then the Software Update button. Before you start, ensure that your iPhone has an adequate network connection and enough storage.

6. Check iPhone account:

Verify if the iPhone’s account is still active. A licensed and valid Apple account ensures that your device is linked to the company’s network. If the account has been suspended the device’s SIM card may become invalid.

7. Update carrier settings:

Furthermore, changing the carrier that offers network service might fix network-related issues. Go to Setting > General > About. If there is a carrier update available, you will be asked to upgrade.

8. Factory reset your iPhone:

If you are still having SIM card issues after completing the above methods, you might try doing a factory reset. Make a backup of your data on iCloud or a computer before proceeding, since this method will delete all material on your device.

Open Settings – General – -Transfer or Reset iPhone – Erase All Content and Settings. Choose Erase iPhone, then verify your identity with a password, Face ID, or a fingerprint.

9. Try other SIM cards:

Insert another SIM card into your phone to see whether the problem is with the SIM or the phone.

10. Try your SIM on other phones:

You may also try putting your SIM card into different phones to determine the source of the problem.

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11. Contact your carrier:

After you’ve attempted all of the actions listed above, contact your carrier if you believe the SIM card is inactive or has a problem. 

12. Contact Apple:

If you suspect a hardware problem with your iPhone and the SIM card works well on other devices, contact Apple support or go to your nearest Apple shop.

How To Fix Invalid SIM Android Error?

The invalid SIM error is not the sole problem of the iPhone. This is a common problem for Android users as well. Both IOS and Android have the same repair techniques. Only the settings and other options are different in this case.

So, what does invalid SIM mean on Android? If you get an invalid sim issue on your Android, you can attempt all of the previously described methods. For instance – rebooting the phone, checking for software updates, reinserting the SIM card, and so on.

What Does Invalid Sim Mean – (FAQs)

Is it possible that an expired SIM card is causing the “Invalid SIM” error?

Yes, an expired SIM card might cause this error.

2Is it possible to avoid the “Invalid SIM” error?

You may lessen your chances of getting the “Invalid SIM” message by treating your SIM card properly, storing it safely, and keeping your device software up to date.

3. What Should You Do If You Consistently Get a ‘Invalid SIM’ Error?

If you regularly receive an ‘Invalid SIM’ message, it might indicate a more serious problem. It’s appropriate to get in touch with your carrier.

4. What to do when my SIM card is damaged?

You should replace it as soon as possible from your carrier company.

5. Is it possible to use any SIM card in an iPhone?

No, an iPhone cannot accept any SIM card. The wireless carrier’s frequency bandwidths should match those of the iPhone.

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