High-End Cars Are Becoming Lifestyle Products

High-End Cars Are Becoming Lifestyle Products

When making any kind of purchase, you want the best you can afford. This applies to houses, clothing, jewelry, and cars. Dependability, ease of maintenance, and high quality are important to most people. For some, a luxury vehicle is the ultimate dream.

People who can afford a high-end vehicle often buy one to fit into their lifestyles. They like the finer things in life and will seek them out. Manufacturers and dealers of luxury cars realize this and are promoting their vehicles as lifestyle products. They are moving into areas the lower-priced brands are in. People who buy luxury cars care about these things as well.

Environmental Concerns

If you are looking for a new luxury car, for example, a new Audi for sale, you may care about the environment just as much as someone who buys less expensive brands. So much so that you want to do your part.

The traditional luxury sedan that was roomy with a huge engine that guzzled gas and pumped out harmful emissions doesn’t sell as well in the current environment-conscious world.

For this reason, many luxury brands are now offering hybrid and electric vehicles. Their reduced fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases allow you to enjoy a luxurious ride while being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

Audi has developed an E-concierge service for customers who purchase its electric SUV. The service helps the buyers transition from traditional gas engines to electric motors.

Building SUVs

SUVs are enormously popular. They are roomy and have largely replaced the minivan and station wagon as the car for large families. They have all-wheel drive and are great in the winter in areas that get a lot of snow.

Luxury car manufacturers are aware of this and most have added SUVs to their lineup. This brings in customers who want a high-end vehicle with the advantages of an SUV.

Aligning With Other Luxury Brands

Many luxury products are part of a high-end lifestyle. Clothing, jewelry, watches, food, and beverages all factor into this kind of living and there are many brands that fulfill that need. Luxury car manufacturers are aligning with these brands to cement their reputations as contributors to a luxury lifestyle.

Aston Martin has partnered with Bowmore, a distiller of fine scotch, to offer unique experiences and events to its customers. Aston Martin previously connected with high-end motorcycle manufacturer Brough to produce a limited edition of high-end cars called the Concorde.

McLaren has also used this strategy in its partnership with the high-end luxury luggage brand Tumi. Both Tumi and McLaren are focused on using lightweight materials to increase performance while maintaining durability. Each helps the other appeal to the same clientele.

Choosing a Piece of a Lifestyle

Luxury vehicles are expensive but for those that can afford them, they provide more than just transportation. They offer a piece of a lifestyle of quality, taste, and sophistication. Manufacturers of these vehicles understand that and are taking steps to attract the kinds of customers who enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

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