Renovating a Garage for Multiple Uses

Renovating a Garage for Multiple Uses

The oft-forgotten garage offers one of the most useful rooms in a home to renovate. With the proper changes, it can not only provide protected parking for automobiles, but also, storage space for infrequently used items, a workshop, and a utility room. Transforming a garage in this way takes only a few projects and a homeowner can pick and choose the projects to customize their garage.

Clean Out the Clutter

Creating a multi-use space requires a clean space. Sort through the items stored in your garage and throw away those that you do not use and cannot donate. Donate everything that you won’t keep and do not toss.

Reinforce the Floor

Reinforce the garage floor by having a mason or concrete services specialist fill in any cracks or chips in the floor. Add a sealant to the floor that adds shine and gleam while reinforcing it. Find an installer for garage epoxy in Atlanta who can treat the garage floor and the driveway for the best results.

Add Ceiling Mounted Storage

Adding ceiling-mounted storage enables storage of seasonal use items, such as holiday decorations, where they remain out of the way. Garages with high ceilings and doors that open outward or have a garage door opener mounted to the wall can use this type of storage.

Install a Workbench

Install a workbench along the rear or side wall. Choosing the best location depends on the other uses of the garage. Some homeowners want to install a laundry area, too, while others want a large workshop area. Hang shelves above the workbench to easily reach tools, fasteners, etc.

Plumb the Rear Corner

Hire a plumber to install a drop for a washing machine and a wash sink. Using the wall that attaches to the house can save money, since most garages share a wall with the kitchen. For another alternative, install the plumbing drops on the wall facing the yard that features an outside spigot.

Erect Dividing Walls for a Bathroom

Some homeowners install a bathroom in their garage during renovation. Whichever location with existing plumbing did not get used for the laundry area, use for the bathroom plumbing. Construct dividing walls and put in a door. Hiring a general contractor and plumber for this project works best. Most garage bathrooms feature a toilet and sink.

Install J-Hooks or U-Hooks on One Wall

Give the whole family a place to hang their bicycles instead of parking them outside or on the floor. Hanging them moves them out of the way and provides a better height for working on them.

Install Oversized Shelves on the Hook Wall

With the remainder of the wall featuring the J- or U-hooks, install oversized shelves or storage cubbies. These work great for storing camping gear, sports equipment, etc.

Getting Started

Each homeowner differs in how they use their garage. Make a list of desired uses, then start the cleaning process. Find a dependable flooring contractor by searching for “epoxy flooring near me” and then start on the rest of the projects. Complete them one at a time, then enjoy the renovated garage.

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