Maximizing Your Career at Boeing

Maximizing Your Career at Boeing

Employee benefits a business offers can play a significant role in luring and keeping top talent. The rewards include medical insurance, paid time off, and other advantages.

Boeing offers many industry-standard and fringe benefits for their employees. They also offer a unique employee community fund and Business Resource Groups. Learn about the types of employee benefits Boeing provides in this Learning Bite.


As one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world, Boeing is a recognizable brand across industries. The company designs and manufactures commercial airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles and provides leasing and product support services. They are also known for their strong commitment to veterans.

For those seeking a career in aerospace, Boeing offers a variety of unique professional opportunities. They have internships and rotational programs in business, data science and analytics, information technology, and engineering. Additionally, they offer the Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program (BPET) for students from pre-certified academic manufacturing programs to bypass the interview process.

Whether you’re preparing to transition into a new role or nearing retirement age, it’s essential to understand your compensation and boeing employee benefits. A financial professional can ensure you maximize your options and reduce risk. For example, reviewing your equity compensation (401k) and determining if you should take your pension as a lump sum or a monthly payout is essential.

Workplace Culture

Boeing is known for its engineering culture and, until recently, had a culture where engineers held all the go/no-go power when it came to taking products to market. However, this is changing.

Another aspect of the culture is the team orientation of work. Almost all the company’s processes are organized around teams, and employees are encouraged to take risks at individual levels. This has yielded great results for the company regarding new products and services.

Employees are also supported through volunteer, employee-driven business resource groups. These groups typically focus on a specific part of an employee’s identity, such as ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability, though they are open to all employees.

In addition to receiving a fair salary for their work, employees are entitled to 12 holidays annually and compensated time off for emergencies or illness. Additionally, maternity and paternity leave are offered. However, many employees have complained that forming relationships with their managers or supervisors can be difficult because the company is so large. They must constantly learn new skills to help them advance in the company.

Employee Engagement

Boeing is dedicated to fostering a culture founded on its core principles, leading with sustainability, and innovating for the future. The company designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, missiles, and defense systems worldwide.

Employee engagement became a hot topic after studies showed that companies with high employee satisfaction scores were almost always profit leaders. HR leaders began seeking reliable ways to increase their companies’ engagement scores.

Renton, Washington, employee Jacqueline Coulter has been with Boeing for 21 years. Her first position was in the aerospace giant’s acoustics department, where she helped protect employees’ hearing from factory and jet engine noise.

She then moved to managing employee recognition at the company, a job she loves. She credits the company’s new digital platform, Firstup, for helping to create a world-class recognition program. It’s also been vital to keeping employees like her engaged. The platform lets people share ideas, ask questions, and connect in a safe environment.

Learning & Development

Boeing is one of the most innovative companies in the aerospace industry regarding employee learning and development opportunities. They have many educational resources, including webinars, lunch and learn sessions, and online courses. They also have several certification programs and a tuition assistance program for team members to attend university classes and get their degrees.

In addition, they have a pre-employment training program where employees from specific academic manufacturing programs can skip the interview process and go straight to work. They also offer a variety of other employee benefits, such as a 401(k) matching contribution and free financial counseling.

Discounts on automobiles, gadgets, amusement parks, lodging and dining establishments, home appliances, and even clothing are available to employees. They also have flexible working hours and vacation time, depending on the position and location. This includes a week of paid vacation between Christmas and New Year’s.

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