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How To Unlock SIM Card Without PUK Code

If you look trending topic in the Google search engines in a day, you can see the topic of how to unlock a SIM Card without PUK. This is one of the solutions provided for you, and you can follow and try tips to unlock SIM Card without the PUK Code in SIM Card.

What is SIM Card? Here’s The Many Information

SIM Card or also known as Subscriber Identity Module, is an integrated circuit running a card operating system (COS). The COS in your SIM Card can intend securely store international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), and it’s a related key. That IMSI in the SIM Card can identify and authenticate your subscriber on a mobile phone device. You can identify and authenticate phone subscribers on mobile phones and computers.

In many SIM Card, it is possible to store contact information. SIM Card is always used on the GSM Phone and also for CDMA Phones. GSM and also CDMA have always used LTE, and that’s for cameras and computers.

SIM Card you used in the smartphone can contain the unique serial number or ICCID, International Mobile Subscriber Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number, security authentication and chipping information, temporary information related to the local network, list the service user has access to, and also two password. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the ordinary use and Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) for the PIN unlocking. In Europe, Serial SIM Number or SSN integrates IAN (International Article Number) and EAN ( Europian Article Number).


Personal Identification Number (PIN), or sometimes also. Knowing a PIN number or PIN Code is a numeric passcode or sometimes alphanumeric passcode. That’s used in SIM Card when authenticated by the user system.

The PIN is a key to private data exchange between the different data processing in the center’s computer. This can be used in the enterprises and also can be used in the government.

If you are in the bank, you can use the authentication system by the cardholders, computer and the user, and the others.

The PIN can you used in many cases and usage. You can use the PIN number for the ATM and also for internet transactions. If you want to access the website, you can use the PIN Code or PIN number.

The Function PUK SIM Card

PUK or Personal Unlocking Key is important in the SIM Card. Why do you need the PUK in the SIM Card? Because the PUK is used to reset the PIN number when you forgot and lost the PIN number.

If you have a new smartphone, have a feature for PIN Protection. The PIN Protection needs 4-8 digits for unlocked the SIM Card, and next, the SIM Card can connect to the network in the phone.

If the PIN code does not function in the SIM Card and is wrong the three times, you can not send the message to the other people. You can not send text messages and also phone calls to your friend or your family.

When the PIN Code or Phone Number does not function and is locked, you can use the PUK on your smartphone. You can get the PUK in the provider service, and you can phone the customer service provider.

For the PUK Code given by Costumer Service Provider, you must reset or change the PIN in SIM Card. If you wrong enter PUK until ten times, your SIM Card is blocked permanently.

Mobile Phone users can write PUK in the paper, and this is for users not to forget the PUK Code.

Tips To Unblock and Unlock The SIM Card

How to unblock and unlock the SIM Card? If you have a Provider like MTN or Airtel, you can activate Security SIM PIN.

If you have the SIM PIN, your SIM Card is safe. Your SIM Card can protect you from unauthorized use trying to enter your phone.

For your SIM Card to be safe and not locked, you can use the PUK Code in the provider Service. The PUK Code is given the unique number, and this is a solution when the PIN number has a problem.

Tips 1

You Call the Customer Service a provider service, and you call the toll-free customer service number. At this time, you must verify the password before the PUK is given to you.

Tips 2

After you verify the password, you can enter the PUK Message. Enter the Eight digit PUK number, and then you press OK.

Tips 3

Try to write a new eight-digit PUK number, and then you can Press Ok

Tips 4

You can verify the new PIN number, and you can re-enter when you prompt. You can press OK, and your SIM is unlocked.

Unlocked The SIM Card On Android or iPhone

For a user with iPhone or Android and SIM Card is locked, you can call the provider

-MTN can call 180

-Airtel can call 111

-Glo can call 121

-9mobile can call 200

The provider is given the unique PUK Code, and this can unlock SIM Card for the phone, Android, or iPhone.

Try to Unlocked SIM Card Without PUK Code Free In House

When you fail to use PUK Code from the provider, you can try another way to unlock your SIM Card. If you have a pack of SIM Card, you can use it. This is how you can unlock the SIM Card without the PUK Code 2022.

Tips 1

Put the SIM Card on your old phone, and you can try turn on

Tips 2

Wait in 2 minutes, and then turn it off again

Tips 3

Remove and then reinsert SIM Card

Tips 4

Turn on your phone, and then enter the code as PUK Code 2345

Tips 5

Now can ask to enter a new default PUK code, and then you can enter any code like 45678 or 56789

This guide above is an unlocked SIM Card in MTN and any provider you used like 9mobile or Glo. This can unlock the SIM Card without using the PUK Code.

If you know how to unlock SIM Card, you can comment in the comment section. You can share those tips and tricks.

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