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Easiest Way to Do Homework: How to Do Homework Sims 4

The High School Years expansion pack in the Sims 4 introduced doing homework by the teen and child Sims. Just like in real life, completing homework is an important part of their growth.

You can use some pretty nice hacks on how to do homework Sims 4 to get it done quickly until they graduate from university.

How to Do Homework Sims 4: Step-by-Step Guide

The whole purpose of homework is to help your Sims get better grades. Attending classes or school is important for their growth but so is completing their homework regularly.

Here is how to do homework in Sims 4:

  • You can find the homework for your Sims in their inventory. It is usually a blue or yellow book.
Homework Inventory in Sim 4
  • Once you click on the book, you will see an option to “Do Homework”. That is how to do homework in Sims 4.
Do Homework mode in Sim 4
  • You can also place the homework book in the world and click on the book to start doing homework.
homework book in Sim 4
  • For university students the book is black and you get homework for each subject you take. The homework refreshes after class and takes a few hours per subject.
get homework for each subject in Sim 4

How to Do Homework Sims 4: Completing Homework Faster

You can speed up how fast the Sims complete their homework by following these simple tricks:

Child Sims (Skills)

Child Sims with all four of their skills on level 3 have an option to “Breeze Through Homework”. These are creativity, mental, motor, and social skills.

Doing homework usually takes about an hour of game time in the Sim universe. Breezing through it will take a bit less time.

Breeze Through Homework in Child Sim 4

With these skills at level 7, you get the option to “Dominate Homework” which makes them complete their homework assignments very quickly. A Sim can dominate their homework within 20 minutes.

Dominate Homework”


Homework is painful for teenagers. They are at the age where they start to rebel. It takes around 4 game hours to complete the homework. You do not have the option to breeze through or dominate the homework either.

Help with Homework

There is a way to make them do it faster. When playing an adult Sim, click on them and “Help with Homework”.

This makes the sim complete their homework in half the time which is around 2 hours. The ability to do homework gets refreshed after every school day.

University Students

If you have the Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack, you can find more ways to complete the Sims’ homework faster.

  1. Study spot: This trait helps Sims of all ages have a spot to do their assignments. It reduces the fatigue rate and helps in faster skill building.
study spot in Sim 4
  • Research & Debate Skill: This is a new skill in the pack and in level 3 it reduces time to complete by 1/8th faster.

My Sim Lost His Homework: How to Do Homework Sims 4

If you happen to lose your Sims’ homework, you can easily purchase another set from a computer or bookcase.

  • Click on a computer and hit “More Choices…” until you find “Order…”.
My Sim Lost His Homework solution step 1
  • Click on “Purchase Books” and from the dropdown menu select “Homework Books”.
My Sim Lost His Homework solution step 2
  • You can buy the book from the store with only 1 Simoleon.
My Sim Lost His Homework solution step 3

Sometimes the book drops in the bookcase inventory instead of the Sim inventory. Simply go up to a bookcase and get it.

How to Do Homework Sims 4 – (FAQs)

How does Sims study at University?

Sims who are in university can study at the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine in the Build mode.

Does homework matter in Sims 4?

Doing homework helps raise Sims’ bars faster and gets them access to extra credit.

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