Evaluating and Contrasting Various Glock Pistol Sights

Evaluating and Contrasting Various Glock Pistol Sights

Whether you need better sights to get on target faster or want to upgrade from the factory options, there are many choices available for your Glock. However, becoming a proficient shooter with any sight setup takes range time and lots of dry practice. Fiber optic sights use a series of colored strands to gather light and provide an instantly visible sight picture. These are also an excellent choice for those needing to shoot with a suppressor installed.

Fiber Optics

A good set of fiber optic sights can work well on a Glock. They provide a brighter sight picture than OEM Glock sights and are very durable, making them an excellent option for use with suppressor or red dot optics. They are also quick to find and orient, essential for a high-speed shooting discipline like practical shooting or 3-gun.

However, using them in a\ tactical environment may be less reliable than tritium night sights. There are different sights for Glock pistols available online. Some combine a front tritium dot with fiber optic for a bright, durable sighting system. Other good options use tritium and fiber optic to give you the best of both worlds. These are all available for Glock 19 and 32 pistols.

Laser Sights

Laser sights are a practical choice for those carrying a concealed pistol for personal protection and hunting. They do not require batteries; unlike reflex sights, they activate and deactivate when you grip the gun.

They also work better in low-light conditions than at a red-dot sight, and they are visible to the attacker, which may help with de-escalation and the perception that you are armed. Some lasers mount forward of the trigger guard and have a pressure pad for automatic activation. Others slip over the existing frame and position a pad on the back of the grip strap.

This approach keeps the laser out of your holster’s way and allows you to use one that matches the color of your firearm. Regardless of which model you choose, train until you can activate and deactivate your laser without thinking about it.

Night Sights

Glock night sights are a variation of traditional iron sights that use vials filled with a harmless radioactive isotope that glows (typically tritium) to illuminate the front sight and rear notch. Depending on your chosen model, they do not require external power or charging and maintain their illumination for 10-12 years.

Tritium-illuminated sights also work well in low or no light conditions, but the brightness can wear out over time, especially if you keep your gun in a dark environment. For this reason, some shooters prefer a fiber optic sight set powered by ambient light to stay brighter longer.

Some use a wide front sight with a tritium cylinder to emit a bright green glow, which is available for most Glock models. It’s also designed to fit a suppressor and is one of Glock pistols’ best suppressor height night sights. It is made of durable aluminum and can withstand harsh shooting environments.

Reflex Sights

Reflex sights, which project a red dot or reticle onto a lens for the shooter to aim with, are famous in tactical and target shooting applications. They provide faster target acquisition, especially for shooters with poor eyesight or those who wear glasses. Many Glock handguns come equipped with a reflex sight.

However, these factory sights could be better. The dot isn’t located directly in front of the sight window. It takes practice to quickly orient and align the sight with your proper sight picture. Several companies offer reflex sights for Glocks. 

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