Key Features Make Versa Networks a Game-Changer for Businesses

5 Key Features That Make Versa Networks a Game-Changer for Businesses

The company’s single-vendor Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) combines full-featured SD-WAN, comprehensive, integrated security, and advanced scalable routing with genuine multi-tenancy. The platform offers the flexibility of deployment in the cloud or on-premises and can be easily managed through a unified interface, streamlining the management process and enhancing overall efficiency.

 Secure SD-WAN

 Secure SD-WAN provides enterprise-class networking, security, visibility, and automation in a single software platform. It delivers comprehensive protection, scalable advanced routing, full-featured SD-WAN, and sophisticated analytics, outperforming legacy WAN architectures.

It enables customers to connect branch offices, data centers, and cloud workloads through a simple, unified solution. It is critical for business agility as it reduces costs and complexity.

The solution monitors all network links and prioritizes traffic based on real-time network conditions. It also uses dynamic path optimization to route traffic to the best available connection. It helps eliminate costly packet loss, jitter, and delay.

With this unified solution, IT can implement consistent security and performance policies across all locations, networks, and services – on-premises or in the cloud. Moreover, it can deep dive into a rich data lake of historical telemetry and apply powerful AIOps intelligence for faster troubleshooting and resolution. In addition, it offers unified management, saving up to 40% in OpEx. It enables IT to transform the network from an impediment to a business service implementation engine.

Scalable Routing

The scalable routing engine such as Versa Networks SD-WAN solution delivers performance, reliability, and security at scale for tens of thousands of branches. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI), transport layer security handshakes, DNS, explicit and transparent proxies, statistical protocol identification, and machine learning to identify applications based on application identifiers and apply them as forwarding policies.

 SD-WAN also includes Forward Error Correction (FEC), which inserts redundant data before transmission. It eliminates dropped packets and reduces latency by eliminating the need for retransmission.

Versa’s intelligent routing engine utilizes a bundle of links or paths for mission-critical traffic and dynamically balances packet flows to the optimal approach using policy triggers. It allows for a more efficient use of available bandwidth and enables higher throughput. The centralized management and zero-touch provisioning reduce OPEX by eliminating deployment truck rolls and simplifying ongoing operations such as software updates.

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust architecture enables granular access policies to on-premises and cloud applications tailored to users, devices, sites, and apps. It allows enterprises to prioritize and manage bandwidth to improve multi-cloud application performance dynamically.

The solution is built on best-of-breed security, advanced networking, industry-leading SD-WAN, true multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides maximum application performance, comprehensive security, and dramatically lower costs, all integrated into a single Enterprise-class carrier-grade operating system, VOS(TM).

The platform is based on a unified data lake that integrates networking and security for speedy and easy configuration, monitoring, and life-cycle management of users, devices, sites, and applications. It shifts networks away from using point products that create a swivel chair approach to manageability and extends Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI). AI capabilities leverage telemetry data to continuously assess security posture, detect and prevent threats, and automate operational functions.

 Comprehensive Security

It’s the only solution to provide a broad set of integrated, software-based security functions embedded into the network stack and deliver superior performance, reducing both CapEx and OpEx. It includes a next-generation firewall, secure web gateway, and unified threat management in a scalable platform deployed on bare metal CSG appliances, pre-configured white box hardware, hypervisor VMs, or in the cloud.

It also delivers superior performance, ensuring reliable connectivity for branch and remote locations, teleworkers, and users connecting to applications in the cloud or on-premises. It provides business continuity and enables IT to improve productivity and reduce costs by simplifying operations with a unified software platform. In addition, its AI/ML technology enhances security by allowing better pattern recognition data loss prevention and easing processes with embedded, fine-tuned generative artificial intelligence tools.

Integrated Analytics

As digital transformation sweeps across industries, one technology segment is grabbing the spotlight: SD-WAN. 

Versa Networks delivers a complete set of software-defined networking functions in a single carrier-grade operating system at an exceptional scale. The unified software stack seamlessly integrates security, advanced routing, industry-leading SD-WAN, and analytics to increase multi-cloud application performance and dramatically reduce costs.

Integrated analytics continuously assesses user, device, and location context and dynamically evolving threat posture to enforce tailored Zero Trust conditional access policies. Potential threats are isolated into microsegments closest to the source, minimizing the blast radius and eliminating the need for costly hardware appliances.

The unified software platform also offers enterprise branch offices, home office workers, and users secure, anytime-anywhere connectivity to applications hosted in data centers and clouds.

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